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A thousand nights in one
Bleeding sheets in lunar glow,
Cowering under creaking wood
As the murderous torch sways to and fro.

Gone the menace to the night
Alone you sob no help at hand,
With leather boots tight gloves and cloak
You leave to seek the haunted land.

Through frost and glade
Though valleys deep
You claw unto the forest floor,
Stare long into that thicket brush
Whose power shakes your very core.

With naked hand you tie your clasp,
Of needle vines around the root,
You wait in silence as the wind whispers
Around approaching heavy boot.

You don’t speak their name you do not dare
You wait for their fierce scorn,
Yet they will not harm you frightened child
The Watchers of the Thorn.

Murderous men who hunted you
Lay waste to hearth and stone,
But with your new found company
You make the turn for home.

In silence now you amble
As the Oathbreakers begin to leave,
You wish to follow but alas
These men would not have you see their deeds.

Their work is done and in safety
You welcome the warming dawn,
You will not hear persons speak so ill
Of the Watchers of the Thorn.